Academic Examination Services (formerly known as Exam4less) provides exam invigilation services on behalf of Universities and Colleges, Government Agencies, Corporations, Regulatory/Licensing Agencies and other Professional organizations across North America and overseas. We conduct exam invigilation for both paper and online exams in a quiet and professional environment. We have kept our fees the lowest in the industry in order to make our services more accessible to all students. Our Exam center is located in the heart of Toronto at Yonge/Bloor/Bay area, which is the main transit hub in Toronto by subway system and buses, connecting North, South, East and West of Toronto.

Academic Examination Services has invigilated thousands of exams on behalf of many universities, colleges and other organizations from Canada, USA, Australia and Europe.

Our mission is to provide the most secure and reliable examination services in a pleasant and calm environment for the lowest possible fees.

Here is a sample of what some of our past students have said about us:

“…Your organization was wonderful to deal with for writing my 4 exams, and I really appreciated your efficient, organized, and straight forward procedures. Thank you very much for making my exam-writing days as easy as possible...C.M.

“This is the ideal exam invigilation set up; it is open on Saturdays, is centrally located on the subway line, has clear and easy to use website booking, and is reasonably priced. None of the other sites listed for Toronto compare. I have had effortless experiences writing exams there in the past; it is a bright, pleasant environment staffed by competent, knowledgeable, and calm invigilators…K.C.

I … have been going to this invigilator [Academic Examination Services] for quite some time now…they do not charge an outrageous fee for my accommodations like many other nearby locations, they have abundant Saturday availability, and they always have great customer service…S.H.